My Wonderful Experience with OAZ

Written by: Liz Vascura

My experience at Orthopedic Associates of Zanesville was unlike anywhere else I had been. Every person in the office genuinely cares about your wellbeing; from the receptionist, to the nurses, to Dr. Gasparine. Each one of them wants you to get better. You are treated like family and the care is on a personal level. I had been to many different doctors before I made my way to Dr. Gasparine’s office. I had gone to my family doctor and to Nationwide Children’s hospital, but the care was by far the best at OAZ.

My treatment at Orthopedic Associates of Zanesville started off with an ACL injury. With Dr. Gasparine’s help I quickly recovered from that. However, following that injury in June of 2018 while playing in a softball tournament I received my sixth concussion. After further evaluation, Dr. Gasparine made the tough decision to take me out of sports for good. As hard as this was, it was the best decision for my long-term health. His knowledge of concussions and brain injuries were key to my successful recovery. This made the already devasting process much easier. Any question I had, Dr. Gasparine knew the answer to it. He was also very supportive and gave me suggestions on how to cope with the loss of sports and how to get my brain back to normal. Out of all the doctors I had seen regarding my concussions, he was the most caring and knowledgeable.

Following my recovery from my sixth concussion and being removed from sports, a freak accident happened, and a thrown basketball struck me in the head while walking in a gym. When this happened, it was a no brainer who I would go to for care. Having already been to him for my previous concussion and how great the care was, made it a less stressful situation and I knew I would recover with his help. This injury happened my junior year of high school in October of 2018. Dr. Gasparine’s care was again phenomenal. However, this concussion was especially challenging due to the fact that I was in school and the injury was causing my grades to plummet. He did everything he could to keep me in school. He wrote personalized plans for the teachers to let them know what the best course of action was for me to be able to stay in school. Sadly, after trying every option possible for school, it was decided that I would need to be removed from school for a couple months. Dr. Gasparine’s patience and determination to help me was so crucial. He made it clear that he would do whatever I needed to stay on track in high school and still be able to graduate on time. This was a very stressful time, but he always reassured me that we would get through it.

Finally, it was determined that I would not be able to return to school at all for my junior year and that the best course of action was for me to do private tutoring. Dr. Gasparine made tough decisions, but they were all the right decisions. I would recommend him and his office to anyone. The support and care are unmatched.

Doctor's Notes

Traumatic brain injuries are very complex cases to manage, and risk of post-concussion syndrome becomes more likely with repeat concussions. Elizabeth had an unfortunate event leading to a repeat concussion that turned into significant post-concussive syndrome. A multidisciplinary approach is used for higher traumatic brain injuries from the various medical treatments currently recommended. With Elizabeth, we had to take this a few steps further to help a very good student having significant impairment with her current studies due to post-concussion syndrome. I reached out to her school and developed a custom program for Elizabeth to continue school at home for many months while we continued her treatments on her road to recovery. This is just another example of the personal level of care you should expect from a group like Orthopaedic Associates, that is comprised of local community physicians, that will take the extra steps to help the local community in the care they need.

James V. Gasparine, M.D.