Even the best off-season conditioning requires in-season attention for athletes to maintain the highest level of fitness. The Warm-up for Injury Prevention and Performance Program (WIPP) promotes power, speed and endurance with efficient techniques to keep you off the bench and in the game.

WIPP is a 10–20 minute, non-stop training program for all sports involving jumping, landing, cutting or twisting. It prepares muscle groups and joints that are frequently injured including the groin, hamstrings, lower back, hip flexor and quads.

Get a leg up on the competition when you prepare as a team. WIPP can be integrated into your athletic routine with the help of a certified Sportsmetrics Specialist or using our instructional video and manual.

As athletes continue to push the limits of their bodies and each other, injuries can occur. If you have suffered an injury or had knee surgery, we offer Return to Play. Under the supervision of a Sportsmetrics Certified Specialist, you will learn the fundamentals of Sportsmetrics in a clinical setting. Continue training at home using a 6-week video series. Return to Play compliments ACL rehab and other lower extremity therapies that include plyometrics.


An increasing number of athletes find their season or career cut short by anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries each year. Lower your risk while enhancing athletic performance with Sportsmetrics. The first and largest ACL injury prevention program, Sportsmetrics is scientifically proven to decrease serious knee ligament injuries.* Athletes build overall, balanced leg strength while perfecting jumping and landing mechanics.

Sportsmetrics is a six-week progressive training program focused on five key components:
  • Dynamic warm-up: Prepare your body for training with functional activities that use sport-specific motions. This raises core body temperature, increases blood flow to the muscles and improves flexibility, balance and coordination.
  • Plyometrics (jump training): Strengthen muscle with new, diverse plyometric exercises every two weeks. With emphasis on proper jump mechanics, these reduce the risk of knee injury while increasing jump height.
  • Speed, agility and conditioning: Learn about proper body alignment and technique through a combination of structured drills. These build endurance and explosive power.
  • Strength training: Incorporate machine weights and/or bodyweight exercises for full body conditioning and core stability.
  • Flexibility: Stretch muscles to achieve maximum length and power through complete range of motion. This decreases injury and post-training soreness.


Every athlete displays a unique set of risk factors for injury, but most fall into three categories:

  • Technique: in jumping, landing, cutting and pivoting tasks
  • Strength deficits: in the hips, hamstrings and quadriceps
  • Performance: in agility, speed and aerobic capacity

Sportsmetrics begins with a 30-60 minute Sports Injury Test* to define these risks. Using video fed into our powerful application, a Certified Sportsmetrics Specialist evaluates performance frame by frame. They calculate and compare results against a database of over 800 athletes and use this information to refine training for each individual in the program. Post training, the test is repeated and results are compared side by side giving each athlete a record of improvement.


Soccer and basketball rise to top of the ACL injury list. That’s why we offer enhanced versions of the Sportsmetrics program that bring agility drills and anaerobic/aerobic interval cardio workouts directly to the court or field.

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