Our physicians at Orthopaedic Associates (OAZ) understand that accurate and timely diagnosis is the first step to your recovery. Our digital x-rays allow you to have your x-rays done while in the office and then view them with your provider. This allows our providers to recommend the most effective and appropriate treatment.

X-rays (radiographs) are the most common and widely available diagnostic imaging technique. X-rays are wavelike forms of electromagnetic energy that can pass through soft tissues to reveal an image of bones. Over the years, X-ray technology has been refined to become safer and more precise. Today, this is often one of the first procedures performed when a person is suspected of having a broken bone.

The part of your body being pictured is positioned between the X-ray machine and photographic film. You have to hold still while the machine briefly sends electromagnetic waves (radiation) through your body, exposing the film to reflect your internal structure. The level of radiation exposure from X-rays is so small that the health risk is extremely low and therefore not harmful. Your doctor will take special precautions if you are pregnant. That being said, if you are pregnant or think you may be pregnant, please inform OAZ before undergoing an X-ray.

OAZ also welcomes referrals, just bring in an order from your physician and walk in anytime Monday-Friday between 9:00-4:30pm.