My experience with Dr. Karl Saunders has been the absolute BEST!

Written by: Barbara White

Dr. Saunders performed surgery on both my knees and I got along very well with both surgeries! He operated on one knee in January and six months later on my other knee. Both surgeries were very successful. Dr. Saunders then made arrangements for me to have therapy which also went very well. My family was so pleased I was walking with no assistance very quickly.

Dr. Saunders came to my room in the hospital early the next morning after both surgeries. He is so thorough and kind and assured me I should call him if I had any questions or concerns. I think his kindness and attentiveness are very important traits!

I am able to continue with all my activities with no problems with my knees. I am so thankful to have had Dr. Saunders take such excellent care of me through the whole process!

Orthopaedic AssociatesBarbara White